Valuable Resume Cover Letters For Being Hired

Although graduation is one of the best times in a young person’s life it is also one of the most stressful days ever. Graduation signals the transition from college student to college graduate, from young adult to adult, from student to job hunter.

Many students send out letters and resumes prior to graduation and many receive responses before their graduation date. Unfortunately many colleges do not offer resume help workshops or classes on how to write cover letters so many of the resumes of our best and brightest in this country are often thrown away because they are not professional letters or resumes. This dilemma has been haunting college graduates for centuries but it is time to do something about it, its time for students to start polishing their resumes before graduation day and start writing great cover letters that will get them hired.

Cover letters are absolutely crucial to be hired. The most basic step in job hunting is writing a cover letter for each individual job, not a generic letter that is sent with every application that doesn’t even say anything about the particular job. These letters are similar to a book cover. In order for a book to gain recognition, it has a book cover that gives a partial idea of the content of the book. If the book cover is interesting, it has higher probability to be bought. The same is true with the cover letter, if the letter is strong the hiring manager is going to flip the page and look at the resume, if the letter is not strong the hiring manager is going to flip the entire package in to the garbage can.

However, building a resume is one of the most problematic steps in a job hunt. The dilemma resulting from lack of knowledge on how to create letters for resumes that will actually produce result can be crippling. Since most colleges and universities today do not teach students to creatively build resume cover letters, most college graduates are stranded in between being independent and dependent.

Honestly, valuable resumes are quite easy to achieve. A valuable resume generally includes relevant information on skills and experiences related to a particular job position and company. With this information in mind, we can say that valuable resume cover letters are customized according to the job and the company as well.

All valuable letters have several things in common. First, they are short and compact letters that are too long will have the tendency to be shunned because the hiring manager will not have time to read everything included in the resume so the more compact a cover letter is, the higher its chance to be read.

A valuable resume is professionally written without any spelling and grammatical errors. This is achieved through regular editing and proofreading. Spelling and grammar mistakes are a sure ticket to the trash for any resume no matter how qualified the candidate.

Finally, valuable resume cover letters have interesting introductory paragraph, persuasive body content and convincing statements. Persuasive letters for resumes use persuasive verbs to tempt the hiring managers to give an interview. Again, resume cover letters should have the quality of a good book cover. It is should be convincing and powerful enough to sell the resume.

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